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In the early 70s, the Finnish guitarist Jukka Tolonen,

celebrated by the international music press, chose to continue

his well-begun solo career instead of joining the bands of artists

such as Cat Stevens and Abba. However, things didn't go as

planned. By the late 90s, Tolonen found himself living in

staircases in Stockholm and ended up in Kerava Prison in

2008 for assaulting his girlfriend under the infl uence of

amphetamine and alcohol. His life had been a mess for a long

time, his marriages had broken up and he was in poor health.

Doctors considered it a miracle that he was even alive.


The documentary follows Tolonen from 2006 onwards, from

the time just before the sad incident through druggy guitar

sessions, the trial, prison time and his release. The film winds

up in year 2012 - in a studio where Timo Kämäräinen, Risto

Toppola and Teemu Viinikainen are recording a tribute album of

Tolonen's compositions. Jukka attends the recordings and passes

the baton to a new generation of master musicians. The

documentary is a warm and touching story of giving up, survival

and finding a new beginning. It is also a story of how Tolonen's

music continues to live on in the hands of young musicians.


The tribute album Kämäräinen, Toppola, Viinikainen

Play Tolonen was released at the turn of 2014.